Since 2007 we've helped hundreds of homeowners avoid foreclosure and short sell their homes. Here's what some of them had to say:

"Minna has been a fantastic partner in selling our home. She was patient with us in explaining the differences between a short sale and conventional sale and helped us think through the pros and cons of each. During the process of the sale she was strategic and got us the best price for our sale. The process was painless and quick and every step of the way she managed each and every detail flawlessly." ~D.L.

"I know full well that I wouldn’t have gotten my house without Minna! As a first-time home buyer in a new city and someone looking for a multi-family property, it was easy for me to be ignorant of the buying process. However, Minna listened to me on what I was looking for in a home. She helped strategize on making a quality offer that won the bid. She helped me find a quality lender. She was quickly responsive through call, email, or text. And, she also helped me find quality contractors to start knocking out projects I wanted done immediately. Working with her made the buying process a breeze, especially for a newbie like myself. Minna is absolutely someone I would recommend to anyone looking to buy a home, and I personally intend to reach back out to her for my next property." ~P.M.

"Minna was the best thing that happened to us in a very long time. We’ve been planning on moving from on house and on with our lives and the house was simply an anchor. We’ve had two liens on the house that would take a long time to cure and we were forced to sell the house to settle with the bank. I’ve looked around for someone who specializes in short sales, not just an agent that did 2-3. The process took a while, but Minna was super persistent, and her strategic approach was close to none. We have lost two buyers, got a push backs from the back and lean holders and she was able to stay on top of it and at the same time, she kept us afloat emotionally. Because of her, we were able to leave CT and move to FL where we are currently waiting for our new place. Warm thank you to Minna and her team for doing what they do best. Marcin with family." ~M.R.

"I reached out to Minna when we were first considering a short sale. I didn’t know much about the process or how it worked so naturally I had a ton of questions. She answered all of my questions as well as explained the process in detail so I would know exactly what to expect. Several months later, we kicked off the sale. I had heard so many horror stories about what can go wrong in a short sale so I was very uneasy. With Minna’s expertise the process was so much smoother than I could have ever anticipated! It was just over three months from the time we listed to closing (which is fast for a short sale)! Minna’s responsiveness and dedication along the way was a huge asset!! It’s because of her that our family is able to put the past behind us and move on to bigger and better things! I highly recommend her" ~S.M.

"Minna helped us through a lengthy and complicated short sale with professionalism and Outstanding communication. She was very patient with a seller who was very nervous and had many questions" ~W.M.

"I connected with Minna for my short sale and I knew instantly that she was the right person to help me! She is very well-versed with the short sale process and made me feel assured that we would get through it! The process was a long one and had a variety of bumps in the road but through it all, Minna stuck with it and stayed by my side all the way through! Then there is Jaime, Minna's assistant. Jaime went out of her way to assist me with any and all questions. She was patient and kind and never made me feel like I was a bother. If you are seeking a real estate team that is and will remain by your side - call Minna and Jaime! They will NOT let you down!!" ~A.M.

"So responsive! Treats you like you are her top priority. Be sure to check out Minna Reid and her group out before committing to another agency. Was constantly in touch. We were not locals, and Minna was incredible: supervising inspectors, repair people, taking care of all the details that a home purchase involves. Cannot recommend her enough." ~D.M.

"I cannot honestly find the right words to express the amazing job that Minna, Jaime, and the entire group did for me. Making the decision to go through a short sale process is daunting, to say the least, but Minna and her team somehow found a way to take all of the stress out of it. From taking time during our initial conversation to explain all of the possibilities to seamlessly navigating through all the hoops with the lender, every step of the process was masterfully covered. From our initial conversation to closing was about a five month process in total, something I consider a minor miracle considering I didn't think I would ever be able to find a buyer for the property! Overall, I could not be happier with my experience. To anyone looking for real estate expertise, whether it be standard or short sale, I would say that there is Reid Real Estate Group and then there is everybody else! ~B.M.

"I can't recommend Minna enough for a short sale! She eased my mind during the entire process and followed through 100% from day 1 to the closing. She and Jaime handled everything flawlessly. I am so grateful to Minna and Jaime for all that they did to help us through this process. ~C.R.

"I would 100% use Minna again. I thought we may have to short sale, so found Minna via Zillow search. She met with us shortly there after and we started the process. She gave us suggestions on how to de-clutter and get ready for pictures, along with answering my 100 questions about short selling. We ended up formally listing about 2 months later - avoided a short sale and closed VERY quickly there after. I still can't believe how smoothly it went! It was clear from the beginning what an expert and professional she is -- I would check out Zillow during the selling process to see what our "competition" was and was thankful we had her suggestions in getting our house ready as we saw many houses similar to ours that were cluttered, dirty and looked not as good in pictures. She really helped make ours shine!"~M.W.

"I’ve owned 7 homes and have worked with as many realtors. Minna is one of the most effective and responsive Real Estate professionals I’ve known. She rapidly engaged with great marketing, kept me informed and found a buyer quickly. Closing was a breeze ~S.M.

"I can not say enough good things about Minna and her team, After a few other Real estate were not able to have my house sold due to a Short Sale Minna and her team did not stop working until it was, every time I felt to give up Minna always encouraged me not to and always told me that she could get it done and she delivered a better service that I could ever expect. If you are in need of a great Real Estate Professional give Minna and her team a call"~R.R.

"I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Minna. While the sale of our home ultimately proved more stressful than we could have imagined (welcoming a new baby and cleaning for many, many showings) we also made out with the purchase of our new home at the same time. Though the process was trying on us at times, Minna helped us every step of the way. She was always extremely personable and understanding of our personal situation, while showing the utmost professionalism at the same time. When I think about all we accomplished in 4 months, I am glad to have chosen Minna to navigate us through the chaos (closing a sale and purchase on the same day). We honestly felt like friends in the end. Thank you Minna and team!"~R.W.

"I recently found myself in the unfortunate situation of being underwater on the mortgage of my condo and unable to continue to afford the mortgage payments. My real estate agent at the time suggested renting the unit to cover the cost each month until I was no longer underwater. I thought this was my only option at the time so I agreed and listed the condo for rent and quickly ended up reducing the listing price to the point where I’d be losing money each month if I was to secure a renter. To add to the loss, I’d also be responsible for maintaining the property and have heard numerous horror stories from other renters who had experienced tenants refusing to pay, drawn out evictions, and ongoing legal fees. As time went on it was clear that renting was no longer a viable option and I started seeking out alternatives. A friend had asked if I considered a short sale, to be honest it was a topic I had no actual knowledge on but a ton of misconceptions. After doing some research online I decided anything was worth a shot but honestly wasn’t too hopeful. I found Minna’s contact information while doing my research; her team is the best in the state when it comes to short sales. After my first phone call with Minna, there was no question in my mind that I was finally on the right track. She listened to my situation and clearly explained the short sale process, timeline and what to expect at every point in the process. Within a month of having the unit listed Minna and her team had received an offer and quickly helped me move forward through the short sale process until the unit was closed on last week. What a burden they have helped me with, I can’t recommend them enough. I only wish I’d found them sooner."~J.M.

"We cannot explain enough how special Minna and her team are to our family, they took the most difficult circumstances possible (we had relocated from Connecticut to Texas) and made the sale of our Connecticut home seamless. We were on the market from December, 2015 and we finally sold our house In December 2016.From start to finish our short sale process took exactly 5-6 months. The short sale process was stressful and time consuming but Minna and her team ( especially Jaime ) made sure the process smooth and painless. Her whole team (especially Jaime) were so professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. We cannot thank them enough for all the hard work they did. We will be recommending Minna to all our family and friends"~A.J.

"My wife and I decided to move from Newington, CT to Atlanta, GA in the end on 2016. We lived in a relatively small house near the North Main Street in Newington. To put our house on the market - we've interviewed three real estate agents from three different local agencies. Minna Reid was second agent we interviewed. After interviews - we had no doubt about choosing Minna. Minna "radiated" professionalism, was very personable and polite with us, but also frank. She arrived prepared, bringing a list of similar properties, and clearly set our expectations from the get go. Minna explained the process, and held our hand through it for the next three months. Out of these three months - our house was on the market twice for a total of ten days. We received multiple offers, and accepted our first offer within first five days. That tells you about the great marketing and advertising power of Keller Williams Realty. Our first buyers came pre-approved by a bank, but were not able to secure financing, so we've restarted the process after nearly 40 days of holding the deposit. Once again - our house was in the market for only five days, at the end we've received multiple offers, and accepted one that was above asking price and from a buyer with solid credit pre-approval. Minna in both cases fearlessly guided us through the inspection, negotiation, appraisal, and closing processes, and was extremely sensitive to our every wish and desire. Minna is very accessible by phone, and responds to emails in a matter of minutes. We are convinced that anyone would have a hard time trying to find a better, more successful, and more professional agent than Minna Reid. We are now in Georgia, with money safely in our bank account. We would like to extend our gratitude to Keller Williams Realty and Minna Read for the great help with selling our property."~M.O.

"Absolutely seamless process from start to finish! Do NOT hesitate... simply call Minna! Our decision to short sell was heart-wrenching and daunting to consider. However, after initial contact with Minna, we felt reassured and confident that our judgment was sound. Both Minna's and her team's knowledge and experience in this area is clear: they are thorough experts. We can't imagine having a better experience. Thank you Minna Reid!"~D.M.

"Minna and Jaime Reid made my short sale a breeze. I was worried going into a short sale that it was going to be an impossible task. Their expertise got my property sold in only 3 months. They were able to handle everything, making efficient use of electronic documents and signatures, while I left the property and moved across the country."~B.K.

"Minna and Jaime Reid were both terrific! I'm not going to lie a short sale is a rocky, scary road to travel however the Reid Team never doubted their ability to get the job closed. We had a buyer who at closing got cold feet and reneged on the contract. This was just a small hurdle to the Reid Team who had the property back on the market and within weeks had a new buyer. With every twist and turn throughout the negotiations Jaime and Minna were there to fight for me. Banks like to play games and drag things out until you think it will never happen, just hang in there and trust this group and in the end you'll be grateful for all they accomplished. Thank you all again."~D.C.

"Minna and her group helped with my short sale. They are probably the best with these and made it as painless as possible. I would recommend Minna and her group for all of you real estate transactions."~D.M.

"Minna and her team are miracle workers. Minna, Jaime and Kim successfully negotiated with our TWO banks for short sale approval, got us multiple offers, and stayed on top of things even when it seemed like the deal was going to fall apart. I will forever be grateful for their knowledge and experience as well as their selfless desire to help people in this difficult situation."~K.K.

"I am so thankful to Minna and the Minna Reid Real Estate Group and her team for getting me out of a very difficult situation. They worked so hard to get my home sold through a short sale when it became quite a challenge and many obstacles were incurred, but always kept telling me to be positive and that they would get it done (which they did!). They took care of all the negotiations with the mortgage company, attorneys, etc. which was a great relief for me and something that I did not have to deal with. I would greatly recommend Minna and her team."~G.M.

"We had some circumstances that we knew would hasten the selling process of our home. Minna and her team did get the job done! Their knowledge , persistance and commitment were outstanding. The ability to communicate with them when we needed to was excellent. I would highly recommend Minna Reid and her team of true professionals."~J.O.

"Thank you so much for all the time and work put into selling our home.....we had tried via other realtors with no success and who were not even close enough to knowing so much about the selling process as Reid Realty. We will definitely recommend Reid Realty to our friends and family who may be looking for a home or, looking to sell."~I.N.

"We found Minna online while looking to short sell our home. After speaking with a hand full of realtors we felt comfortable with her, and she didn't oversell it. She told us how it would go, and that it was a long process. She was true to her word, and she and Jaime were very prompt in answering questions and keeping us informed of the progress."~J.B.

"Came across Minna through an online search. After a few conversations I expressed interest in her representing us and I am glad we picked her. Minna, Jamie and team throughout the entire process were very knowledgable about our home sale. Every aspect of what she explained would happen was spot on. We enjoyed her help and expertise the entire way through."~M.W.

"We found Minna online while looking to short sell our home. After speaking with a hand full of realtors we felt comfortable with her, and she didn't oversell it. She told us how it would go, and that it was a long process. She was true to her word, and she and Jaime were very prompt in answering questions and keeping us informed of the progress."~J.B.

"We found Minna online while looking to short sell our home. After speaking with a hand full of realtors we felt comfortable with her, and she didn't oversell it. She told us how it would go, and that it was a long process. She was true to her word, and she and Jaime were very prompt in answering questions and keeping us informed of the progress."~J.B.

"I came across Minna from a google search for someone in the area that could handle short sales. I was in desperate need to sell this house and had no idea how to do it or what would be needed. To make matters worse I live 1400+ miles away. All I can say is that Minna and Jaime led me through each  step of the process making sure this sale would happen. The house sold within 3 months! I could not recommend Reid Real Estate Group them enough for everything they did! Most of the process was done via email as phone calls were hard to coordinate with my schedule. This proved no problem as Jamie kept up with me the entire time!" ~M.T.

"We found Minna by doing an online search for short sale experienced realtors in the area. We had already moved to GA and could not sell our home. Minna and Jamie, her assistant, were very knowledgeable about the whole short sale process and made the transaction go as smoothly as could be. They  literally took care of everything for us." ~K.M.

"Most realtors I contacted would not touch my situation (short-sale estate). Minna demonstrated expertise in short sales, and was not afraid to take it on. I was impressed with her calm and systematic approach, and with her responsiveness. I never felt neglected - she always responded, and  followed through. I would very highly recommend her. Very impressed, very grateful, and relieved that it is all now complete." ~K.F.

"The group at Reid left a long lasting positive impression on me and my family. We were in a difficult position, facing a very scary sales scenario. Minna and Jaime walked us through every aspect of the process in a way that was very informative and comforting. I cannot thank them enough or recommend them highly enough. They were fantastic!" ~A.W.

"We went through a short sale and Minna's team was amazing every step of the way. They made a very sad and stressful time seem easier by handling all the little details. They always stayed positive and put us in contact with an amazing legal team. We couldn't be more pleased." ~D.H.

"My experience with this group was wonderful. Minna explained what I needed to do to sell my house. She kept me informed about everything that was going on thru the process. Reid Real Estate was the best choice for me and sold my house in a few months. If you want things done right this group is the way to go." ~J.M.

"My family & I had the best buying experience with Minna Reid and her team. Not only were they friendly & accommodating but they were also knowledgeable about all aspects of the market and were willing and able to answer any questions we had. We had an excellent experience overall." ~M.P.

"Working with Minna was a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, we had to do a short-sale on our home. We also had a VA loan, which complicated the process a bit. My husband and I were nervous wrecks about the situation but Minna was calm and positive about it, and in the end everything worked out perfectly. I would absolutely recommend Minna." ~S.S.

"Minna Reid and her team have been an unbelievable cohort of individuals who have stuck with me and two of my vary challenging properties throughout the grueling 15 months sale process. They have done dozens of showings, dealt with the delays with the property managers, tenants, buyers who would disappear and not respond to the calls, and the myriads of things that seemed to have nearly derailed a very lengthy process of unwinding my less than smart investments. But I am grateful Minna pursued it to the very end and now I am a much happier individual. Thank Minna, thank you REID team!" ~B.S.

"Minna and team were extremely helpful and diligently worked through a very tough process. They never gave up on us and really got this deal closed for us. It was a huge relief to have such a knowledgeable team working on our behalf." ~T.B.

"I can say NOTHING bad about Minna Reid or her assistant Jaime. They were always up front about every piece of the process in selling my home. We had to short sell our home due to the economics in Connecticut and I have heard of MANY people that have been in the process for 6, 12 or even 24 months but we had the best team working tirelessly and pursuing my mortgage company to resolve and complete the process. Now it's time for Jamie to leave her desk and go home because it seemed as if she is always right there watching over everything no matter what, morning noon and night. My sale only took 6 months....THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU Minna, Jamie and everyone involved with this." ~F.A. 

"Minna was absolutely wonderful in helping us negotiate first a short sale that we ultimately walked aware from and then a foreclosure that was truly a nightmare. The sellers were completely non responsive in everything they did, their attorney, property management company, etc were impossible to deal with. Minna took it all in stride and was able to keep us neurotic first time home buyers calm. She also kept us completely well informed every step of the way and was accessible to us at all times. When we are ready to move on, we will definitely contact Minna again and I would without a doubt recommend her to anyone who is looking for an agent." ~J.G.

"I was at my wits end. I saw an ad online about Minna and short sales so I decided to take a chance. I am so glad I did!!! From the beginning, Minna was on top of things. I didn't have to do anything which was good because I had no idea what I was suppose to do or not do as this was the first time selling a house (along with my first short sale). I asked a lot of questions and Minna always responded immediately and professionally, even when the questions were kinda crazy. The bank was the cause for losing 2 of our potential buyers but Minna and her crew had another buyer on the line immediately, everytime, because the house was always being shown. We finally got the last buyer and Minna and her wonderful crew pushed almost everyday to keep the bank on their toes which enabled us to actually close on the house!!! Selling this house has allowed us to be able to go on with our lives and we owe this all to Minna and her crew. Thank you so much! I don't know what I would have done without you at my side." ~N.K.

"When it comes to short sales, Minna is an expert. We had no idea that finding a buyer would be the "easy" part. Getting the bank's approval for the sale was a challenge. Our bank constantly made mistakes, even denying us at one point. The whole process was routine for Minna and she reassured us that we would work through the hiccups and eventually get approved. And she was right. What a relief! We hired Minna based on all of the positive feedback we found online and are glad we did. She's smart, responsive, knowledgeable and shows an overall level of professionalism that puts her in a different league than the rest. She regularly exceeded our expectations and we would recommend her to anyone looking to sell their home." ~D.S.

"Whatever words I use in this review won't do Minna justice. She did an absolutely phenomenal job as our agent and shepherded us through the tricky ins and outs of a short sale. Finding a buyer wasn't too hard, but the process with our mortgage lenders was. These transactions are not for the faint of heart, but I always knew we were in good hands. Probably the most important quality for a real estate professional in my opinion is accessibility. Minna always answered our emails, texts and calls. I tried not to abuse the privilege by bombarding her, but even during non-working hours, she was always patient. Kind of related to accessibility is flexibility, and she came to our home late in the evening to accommodate my schedule & my wife's schedule as well. Two other qualities I value highly are integrity and accountability. Towards the end of our odyssey, there was a misunderstanding between us and the seller about an appliance. I emailed Minna about it, and chatted with our Attorney as well. As it turned out, the mistake was essentially mine yet Minna still offered to chip in if it ended up costing us anything. She did not have to do that, and could have easily shrugged her shoulders and put the ball in my court. That gesture spoke volumes to me about the kind of person and professional she is. As it turned out, our attorney who Minna referred to us did an equally phenomenal job and it didn't end up being an issue. The thing to take from this is you can completely put your trust in Minna. In closing, she did something I didn't think was possible. We had to relocate for family reasons, and we were substantially underwater. I didn't think there was any way it would happen for us, but she never gave up. When the banks hemmed or hawed, she kept after them. When one of the lenders issued an initial denial, she demanded an explanation and reopened our submission. In the end, both lenders accepted short payoffs and our family was able to make that move. In my profession, I deal with many real estate agents and sadly, I see many who quite literally "mail it in", and sometimes for astronomical commissions. Minna worked harder than any other real estate agent I've ever seen. I strongly recommend her as a real estate agent, especially if you are considering a short sale."~L.F.

"I want to thank you again for taking care of everything, I received stacks of letters from the two mortgage companies with threats and pleads for me to contact them and I ignored it and left everything in your worthy hands. The other realtor at the closing said that he was worried because usually short sales don't work out, and that this is his first successful one. I told him that I found you on google and I was told that you are the best in the state for short sales, and that you proved that to be true. A huge burden has definitely been lifted and all of the credit goes to you. Thanks again!" ~D.B.

"Minna, My wife and I would like to sincerely thank you for making an impossible situation possible. Your level of expertise is uncommon in any line of business. You truly are an expert in your field. Our recent home sale was the 4th  real estate transaction in the last 6 years and by far the most demanding. Here is what made you stand out and above everyone else we transacted business with.You gave us a dose of reality and removed emotion from the transaction. As I walked through the details of our home and detailed description of the numerous upgrades you simply grinned and moved on to the next room. Bottom line the potential buyers do not care how much money you spent on upgrades as they are looking for the best deal in this market so price it properly. Your level of communication is exceptional. I expected a return call or email the same day when I had questions. You always returned a message within minutes and always with an answer, more importantly the right answer. A big thank you for keeping in touch and actually negotiating our deal while you were on vacation. Could I ask for anything more?Competence and Confidence. I knew I was in good hands when you explained how you planned to sell our house and sell it quickly. I had a list of questions, none of which I had to ask after your proposed plan of action. You gave me a clear and detailed explanation of what to expect from our lender and in hindsight you were spot on. You are not a sales person, you are a results driven professional.  Our prior realtor ( who had our listing for 3 years) was a “yes” person with lofty expectations. He overpromised and under delivered. You were hired to sell our home for the best price in short time frame. You sold our home in 16 days, closed in 45 days from list date, with a cash offer on a jumbo transaction. Not to mention in the midst of the most difficult real estate market our generation experienced. We cannot thank you enough for your flawless execution of our request to sell our home. You absolutely exceeded our expectations. I work with hundreds of high net worth clients in Connecticut and without hesitation would recommend your services to any of my clients, friends and family. Cheers to you and your team!" ~B.P.

 "I recently sold my house, with the tireless assistance from Minna Reid.  It was an unusual voyage and their were many obstacles along the road, lined with senseless banking and government officials, and  a minutia of regulations.  Minna guided us through the storm and navigated us successfully to safety.  Very knowledgeable and capable individual.  I highly recommend that anyone considering a short sale, speak to Minna first." ~M.B.

"If you are looking for a short sale specialist, look no further. Minna IS the real deal. At first I was skeptical of the thought of short selling our home and the ultimate plan was strategic default, until my wife convinced me to contact a realtor. I came across Minna via searching the web, left her a message, and within minutes she had contacted me. The rest, folks, is history. You will never find another agent as knowledgeable and compassionate about the business of short sales. Her persistence truly paid off in the end, and I will never forget her aggressiveness towards the banks. She is for the little guy, and will do whatever it takes. You need someone like that in your team or you will NOT have a short sale. PERIOD Highly recommended in our books!! A+++ " ~J.C.

"Wow!!! That was an amazingly fast bail out!! 4 months from the time we put our house up for a short sale to the final close! And I have to admit I was skeptical going in since my lender was Bank of America, but Minna Reid came through just like she said she would. The process was very easy to go through and extremely helpful during some rough life changes. Thanks for all you did Minna. AAAAA++++++ Highly Recommended!!!" ~M.P.

"When I realized that a short sale was in my future, I scoured the web for information about the best Realtor to handle what I knew would be some difficult logistics. I'd found some other favorable reviews of Minna and CG Real Estate and gave her a call. She and the staff were great! They realistically answered all of my questions and told me what to expect. After just a few showings, I received an offer. Minna took it from there, handling all the details. We just closed today and I couldn't be happier!" ~R.R. 

"Minna and her staff were amazing to work with. They expertly navigated me through my recent short sale with tremendous success - the outcome far exceeded my expectations. Minna came out of her way to work with me in Fairfield County and provided exceptional service from start to finish. I highly recommend her and her staff if you're considering a short sale. I understand why she's the #1 short sale realtor in CT." ~S.G. 

"Minna was fantastic! I highly recommend her to anyone about to dive into the shark infested waters of a short sale. She made the whole ordeal bearable. She was very helpful, knowledgeable and she has a great sense of humor. Thank you, Minna!" ~B.W.

"If you need help selling your house, Minna is your agent. This market is tough to sell a house in and she will help you every step of the way. We were very fortunate to find such a qualified and professional agent. Don't waste your time with other agents. Thanks for helping us and our family." ~T.S.

"From the moment that Minna came up my icy, intimidating driveway to the last truckload being moved out by her son and his friend, I came to rely on Minna and her assistant Lynn Olsen for support and help in disposing of my home of 24 years in a short sale. She and Lynn were tenancious in dealing with a brain-dead mortgage servicing organization and pushing them forward to a final settlement. There were many hurdles along the way and Minna's team handled them all. Kudo's to them." ~D.D.

"Minna, and her assistant Lynn, are a great team. They are 100% committed to closing your sale; I always felt like their #1 seller, even though they have many other properties listed. Minna is no-nonsense, smart, and completely on her game. I have never felt so confident in an agent's ability to get the deal closed, and to my full satisfaction. Lynn is super-organized, and kept on top of all the requirements that come with short sale approval. I never had to remind this pair of anything; in fact, it was quite the opposite. They kept me up to date on everything that was going on and everything that was needed to keep the ball rolling.

To put it lightly, I had a difficult situation and a difficult sale. My lender and MI company needed high levels of contact, negotiation, and follow-up. Minna and Lynn took this weight off my shoulders and acted as my liaison in what had been a very stressful ordeal. What's more, they were unfailingly sensitive and understanding of what an emotional experience this was for me. They treated me like a person, when many in the mortgage and real estate industry have treated me like a dollar sign or a bottom line.

I started off listing my property with a different realtor - BIG mistake. As it turns out, this person had NO experience with short sales. What's more, in the entire six months I was contracted with them, I didn't have a SINGLE showing. As soon as that contract expired, I called Minna. My property was listed that week, had a steady stream of showings, and only six months later, despite some considerable challenges (My first buyer walked as a result of a tragedy that occurred in my neighborhood, my lender rejected the sale price a few times ... etc etc etc) the property was SOLD!!

I can't say enough good things about Minna Reid. But if you need to know more, I highly recommend reading Minna's blog; her knowledge, expertise, and experience speak for themselves. Her site was a constant source of information (and encouragement) for me, and in the end, I got my own success story there, as well!" ~K.I.

"Because of income loss and extreme decrease in home value we were advised by our bank to enlist the help of a realtor who knew the short sale process. Minna and her team were professional, respectful, and knowledgeable. She always promptly responded to our questions with calm reassurance. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell or buy a home."~L.A.

"In this competitive real estate market, we were so thankful to have chosen Minna Reid as our seller's agent. She presented a realistic analysis of our market and helped us to price our home for quick sale at maximum profit. Our house was on deposit in 3 weeks. When issues were found during our home inspection, she helped us to find the expertise we needed and negotiated with the buyer's agent. She responded immediately to my E-Mails throughout the day and into the evening. I would definitely recommend Minna Reid for her knowledge, insight and responsiveness in selling any home." ~T.T.

"I worked with Minna in 2009 – 2011 to complete a short sale with BofA. We worked with three different buyers for a variety of reasons. The entire process was fraught with issues from BofA. Minna was an absolute lifesaver – I attribute the success of the sale entirely to her efforts. The role Minna served was above and beyond my expectations – not only did she negotiate the deal that saved me a fortune but she communicated very effectively with buyer’s agent to keep the deal in tact amongst the stress of a slow moving erratic short sale process. Minna is very knowledgeable of the area and she provided subject matter expertise that saved me time, stress, and MONEY. What I love most about Minna is that she is a true partner in the selling process. Her personality is one that is direct and no nonsense. I would strongly recommend Minna to anyone looking to buy in Connecticut or working through a short sale. Minna was my third relator in this process – My only regret in working with her is that I did not meet her sooner." ~ R.S.

"Minna was such a pleasure to work with. Her expertise is in short-sale and it was displayed all thru out the short sale process. Her responsiveness and negotiation skills were outstanding all thru out the process and even when she just gave birthed to her 3rd child. Furthermore, the attorney that she normally carries out most of the short sale transactions was amazing. It was so much easier working with an agent who knew what to expect and how to finalize the process. Thank you again Minna!!!" ~S.T.

"Minna is an aggressive agent whose approach gets results. Her tenacity enabled me to sell my property when I didn't think it was possible in today's economic climate. She is someone whom I would definitely recommend in the future, particularly for a short sale." ~R.G.

"Although having to sell your home short is a relatively unplesant experience having Minna work with us throughout made the process pretty painless. Her advice was excellent. I trusted her opinions and her knowledge 100%. We followed her lead and it was the right thing to do. It was very comforting to have Minna on your side." ~ D.A.

"Minna is the consummate professional. She delivered on every single item she said she would during our first conversation. Not only did she exceed expectations, she did it with a genuine concern for my situation. At every step of the process, her input and guidance was instrumental in helping to make my home an attractive property for buyers. She understands the market and uses that knowledge to her clients advantage. Selecting Minna was one of the best business decisions I ever made." ~T.B.

"Minna is absolutely the best realtor that I have ever worked with in terms of expertise, experience, knowledge, and overall level of service provided. She is very dedicated and passionate about helping her clients, which was clear in each interaction. I also felt comfortable talking with Minna because she took the time to explain various processes and didn't overwhelm me with a lot of industry jargon. She took the time up front to understand my needs and concerns, which made everything that followed flow smoothly. Minna is a pleasure to work with, and I will recommend her every chance I get. If you want an agent who consistently goes above and beyond, Minna is "the" one." ~C.B.

"Minna Reid and her team worked miracles when we were left with no choice but to short sale my parent's house. I can't say enough about her diligence, dependability and willingness to go all out for a client. If anyone ever asks me if I know a good realtor - Minna's name will definitely come up. A Million times thanks!" ~K.C.

"We were lucky to find Minna. She is detail-orientated, highly knowledgable about the real estate market, and an expert at solving the problems that come up in any real estate sale. She is a sharp negotiator and I was impressed by the respect she commands among not only her colleagues, but the banks as well. Nothing gets by her! Minna is not only personable and a pleasure to work with, but she helped us find exactly what we wanted as well. We look forward to having Minna help us find our next home. We cannot recommend her enough!" ~M.F.

"In our opinion, Minna was the only agent who could have sold our home. We were behind the 8 ball (so to speak) when we initially contacted her and asked her to sell our home for us. She made an impossible situation possible and negotiated with our lender masterfully in order to close on our home. If you are in a tight spot or just need to sell your home than look no further, Minna is the right agent." ~ J.B.

"Minna is very knowledgeable in what she does. She is awesome to work with and highly recommended. If we had to buy or sell again in the future we will definitely be calling Minna. “If they can't do it Minna can!” That’s our motto." ~M.W.

"My agent was very good.. she did things in a timely manor... she always communicated with me... The process was a good experience.. I am glad i made the phone call to her.. I was in a bind in regards to my home and she knew what she was doin on all levels:) I would recommend her to any of my friends..." ~D.F.

"Minna is an expert in short sales, and was invaluable as we went through the process of selling our home with its upside-down mortgage. I cannot imagine how we would have been able to complete the short sale without her, and my husband and I both highly recommend Minna to anyone faced with this problem. We had only ever sold one home before this one, and it went in 24 hours. So our expertise in selling homes was limited, and without Minna, I'm relatively sure we would still be living in the house she sold for us.

Highly recommended!!!!" ~A.N.

"If you need someone to fight hard for you in a market that is jammed by the red tape created by banks, Minna is the realtor for you. At least on three occasions for me she made the impossible into possible. She has the patience, expertise and passion to not take 'no' for an answer when working with banks and she finally pursuaded the bank to complete a short sale on Roanoak ave even after the bank had rejected it 4 times!! I very much approciated her commitment to completing whatever task she takes on her hands, and continously give me honest feedback to keep it real for me through the long and ardous process of negotiating with the banks." ~A.K.

"Minna came into my life at a time I didn't know where to turn, I was out of work and running out of time. Realators were willing to come and put my house on the market and tell me we will see if we can sell it. Minna came to me and told me she knew how to sell it, she knew the system and she would do her very best to see that I didn't loose everything including my credit. I eventually moved but had the confidence that Minna was still there doing everything she could. She spent months working on selling the house and I have had minimal consequences to my credt. I don't know what I would have done without Minna. Minna, thanks again, you made a terrible situation bearable." ~B.C.

"I was tough on Minna Reid giving her 6 weeks to find me a buyer in a very tough market. Minna provided the media coverage I needed with ads, postings and a great personal website that displayed my unusual 5 bedroom house on a small lot to great advantage. She found an interested, qualified buyer and finessed an offer in a short time. Minna was able to negotiate the original lowball offer up to a final price that was actually higher than my bottom line while providing assurances to the nervous seller (me) and the buyers agent and buyer, resulting in a very smooth closing and several happy people." ~D.F.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Minna while life situatipons caused us, like so many others, to proceed with a short sale of our home due to economic and life difficulties. Upon my initial meeting at my home I was impressed by the accuracy in which she answered my questions and the time she took to explain each and every question completely. She continued with her diligence on my behave through the ENTIRE process with great patience at my nervousness and lack of knowledge in this field. If it were not for her, I am sure my short sale would have been less than favorable. I can't thank her and her assistant enough, dealing with the banks, attorneys, and any other questions or problems that had arisen. I would WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend Minna to anyone in need of a reality "expert" whose know;edge and compassion was certainly appreciated by my wife and I." ~T.A.

"Minna is a cut above all other agents, she knows how to get through all the red tape so prevalent since the housing collapse and ultimately gets the deal done in the best interest of those she represents...no deal making with the banks and brokers to their benefit!" ~ R.L.


We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the hard work and energy you have put in to selling our house in a short sale. We're quite sure that had it not been for your extensive knowledge of short sales (and related circumstances that we happened to be in), and had it not been for your persistence where others may have given up, that we would never have accomplished the desirable outcome that you have achieved on our behalf.

For many months we had considered a short sale of our home in order to gain a better financial prospect for our family's future. We even consulted with several local real estate agents about the topic. However, we were never quite comfortable with their lack of knowledge and experience of home short sales, and because of that, our outlook was bleak. Then, as if by fate or Providence, we happened upon a colleague of yours in real estate who highly recommended you as a specialist in home short sales.

While I was discouraged by our previous failed attempts, my wife took the chance and consulted with you about our circumstances. She knew immediately (and I soon did too) that you were the right person for the job! Now, after all is said and done, we have no doubt that we could not have done this without you and we are grateful to have benefited from your expertise! In fact, during our short sale listing with you, our previous real estate agent humbly admitted that she could not have served us as well as you have in our situation.

We can whole-heartily, without hesitation, say that we believe that you're one of the best in your field of home short sales and would never even consider using any other real estate agent for our family's real estate needs in the future. Your intelligence, knowledge, high energy and commitment to your work would greatly serve anyone who is in need of a specialist in real estate and we undoubtedly will recommend you to all of our friends and family.

Best wishes to your continued success, and we look forward to working with you in the future!
Thank you!" ~T.P.

“Minna.. God Bless You!!  I just want you to know that your efforts have been truly amazing. I tried to keep the house until we could be in a better position to sell. It nearly killed me. But in my mind, I thought I was doing to best thing for all of us. I wish I would have known sooner that it would have been that painless. I was afraid the house would have haunted us both for a long time. And I must admit trying to find a place for me to move was a big concern as ell, but I did..with not much effort. It all worked out like a dream. Thank You Deeply." -G.B.

“I just want to let you know that I really appreciate all the time and energy you spent on short selling my father's house. I know it wasn't an easy short sale but you kept at it (even when I was thinking about throwing in towel) and got my father an amazing resolution. You've lifted a huge burden off of our shoulders and we cannot thank you enough. Please thank your assistant as well for her efforts on our behalf. If I hear of anyone who needs a great real estate agent, I will definitely pass on your name and number.” ~K.C.

 “I have nothing but thanks and praise for you..You took an otherwise loose end of a horrible situation and gave it a "happy" ending...so glad its behind me...your AWESOME! ” ~ R.K.

 "I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in selling my house as a short sale. You were very knowledgable on the subject and took care of everything for me, even when things seemed tough in dealing with the bank. You were upfront and told me what I could expect and you were right. Your professionalism pulled through in helping me out of a tight situation. I sincerely cannot thank you enough for helping me to get to a better place where I can live comfortably. Thank you not only for doing your job so well, but for making it easy for me." ~ E.H.

 "Just a short note to thank you for the efforts you put forth in the sale of our home. Although we will dearly miss our home, it is with gratitude that you, Minna, helped ease our transgressions from home owner to renter. Again, thank you for all the assistance as we wish you good health and prosperity in the upcoming and fast approaching new year.” ~ T.A. 

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in selling my house as a short sale. You were very knowledgable on the subject and took care of everything for me, even when things seemed tough in dealing with the bank. You were upfront and told me what I could expect and you were right. Your professionalism pulled through in helping me out of a tight situation. I sincerely cannot thank you enough for helping me to get to a better place where I can live comfortably. Thank you not only for doing your job so well, but for making it easy for me." ~E.H. 

"Thank you a thousand times more Minna! Your awesome, you kept your promise and got our house sold! Thank God and thank you again...Thank you, thank you, thank you, " ~M.W. 

"Thanks for coming to my rescue...I am so glad you are on my team. I would not want to be on the other end of your whip. Thanks Minna." ~E.C. 

"You are wonderful! You've stuck with me for a year and never let me down. No pressure - no BS. I have always felt that you wanted to help me find a place - not needed me to find a place for your benefit. You can count on me to always recommend you to family and friends and anyone else who is in the market to buy or sell. I don't even refer to you as my realtor in conversations... it's always "my friend Minna says".... you're the best!" ~ M.B. 

"We want to thank you for making our move a smooth one!!!.....we could not have done it without you!!!...thanks for all your hard work......You are a great realtor!....the best!" ~C.D. 

"Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for all the HARD work you did. I feel so thankful that God connected us at the most perfect time. You are truly awesome Minna. I know that you and your family will be most awesomely blessed." ~S.S.   

"Thanks again...very helpful. You're the only one on the ball here. If it wasn't for you, I'd be pulling my hair out!! THANK YOU!!!!! Your amazing Minna : )....You've gone well above and beyond any expectations I'd ever had." ~S.R. 

"The most important thing to me was that I always knew that Minna put me and my needs first, not the sale or the commission. I appreciated the professional way that my thoughts were communicated to the buyer and his agent. I loved the immediacy of the website that appeared online after signing a contract with Minna. It made my house look like the best buy of the year! Even when I got rattled and uptight at the homeselling process, Minna remained calm and patient. I  enjoyed the smooth confidence that Minna brought to the closing." ~ D.F. 

"Minna and her team got a deal done that I believe no one else in CT could have accomplished. Minna and her team are the best in CT and I highly recommend her for her short sale knowledge and professionalism. You honestly can't go wrong with Minna and her team!" ~ R.M.

"I cannot thank Minna and her team enough for helping us to navigate the short sale process. My husband and I moved out of state for a new job opportunity and were grateful to have Minna looking out for us, and our home, in Connecticut. Everyone we worked with from CG Real Estate was professional, extremely competent, and committed to helping us sell our home. Our bank was a nightmare to deal with, and there's no way we could have completed the sale without the support of Minna and her team. They stuck with us for over a year, and we (finally!) made it to closing. I highly recommend Minna Reid and CG Real Estate." ~ J.G. 

"Unparalleled professionalism!!!! If you're looking for a group of individuals that take their jobs seriously, then you need to contact Minna Reid's office for your short sale! Minna and her team went above and beyond to make sure I was informed of every aspect of the process. They understood my position and wanted to make sure that I was comfortable with everything that was going on. Their recommendations and predictions were spot on! They helped me through a rough time, as well as a good time and I am very grateful for their hard work and dedication through out the sale of my home. I found her through other recommendations and her reviews online made me make the call. After meeting with her, I knew she was the person for the job! She is more than knowledgeable about the short sale process and knows all the right people to contact to help the process move faster. Minna does not back down, she WILL go toe to toe to get you what you need. She helped me through the sale, the closing, and her team knew all the in's and out's of the banking process. In short, they put me at ease, while they helped me and my family. I would recommend their team, not only for short sales, but for any real estate needs!" ~ W.T.

"Words cannot describe how lucky I was to work with Minna and her team. I would highly recommend her to everyone. She guided me the whole way through this crazy process of a short sale with such professionalism. She was honest about the challenges that came with selling my 2 bedroom home, and extremely helpful when it came down to getting the nitty gritty done to prepare the place for showings and get the highest bid for my place during a time when the market was slowing down. Being new to the real estate market, she was honest and patient with me. I always felt comfortable asking her questions and trusted that she would steer me right. And that she did! She fought for me, with me, and everything in between with care and respect. If you're looking for an agent that will work hard for you and truly do everything possible to make your deal work, then Minna is the one for you." ~ M.H.

"Wow, where to begin?! Minna Reid is top notch. She knows her field, and knows it inside and out. I originally reached out to Minna after sitting down with some other realtors, including the one I used to buy my house. I still wasn't convinced any of them could help and had the appropriate knowledge level. After searching the web and seeing such great reviews for Minna, I sent off an email. I got an out of office message for that week. However, that did NOT stop her from replying to me within hours AND setting up an appointment for the very next week. WOW! I was already impressed. That was only the beginning. Minna came to our house and level set us with reality very quickly (& nicely). It was totally what we needed AND nothing the other agents did. We did various renovations/upgrades and tried to tell ourselves they all counted and would bring us more $$. Ha, not in this market! Once we got listed, Minna hit our price point on the nose, and we got a buyer. Now onto the craziness of dealing with the mortgage company. Honestly the hurdles she jumped thru for us and the incompetence she was put up against would make anyone rip their hair out. If I was her, I swear I would have run for the hills. She dealt with this for months!!! Along with my uncanny ability to think of questions upon questions to ask her. Yet, she hung in there and was awesome to deal with. She truly cares about her clients you can really tell. She's always available, every email /text/call I sent was answered quicker than you'd even imagine. She really is the REAL DEAL. She knows her stuff, and no matter what came up she was on it. She's got a great personality and even better sense of humor. Even though it was quite the roller coaster ride, having Minna on our side I knew we'd get to the end. And, we did. I will recommend Minna to anyone. She will get the job done. The only regret you might have is not calling her FIRST! I sure wish I did. People like her are a rare find, ones who know their field; and are truly good, caring people. Don't miss the opportunity to work with her! Minna- Thank you again, without your dedication and knowledge who knows where we'd be. You helped us move on to the next (amazing) chapter in our lives & and we could be more thankful. I will refer you every chance I get!! Take Care my Friend!" ~ A.G.

"Kim Sherman is an amazing realtor! We had a wonderful experience buying our first house thanks to her." C.B.

"Minna Reid is a very knowledgeable real estate agent. She was very thorough and professional. ~ K.V.

"Absolutely seamless process from start to finish! Do NOT hesitate... simply call Minna! Our decision to short sell was heart-wrenching and daunting to consider. However, after initial contact with Minna, we felt reassured and confident that our judgment was sound. Both Minna's and her team's  knowledge and experience in this area is clear: they are thorough experts. We can't imagine having a better experience. Thank you Minna Reid!" ~ D.C.