Minna Reid 


Reid Real Estate Group LLC


Minna Reid is a Florida Realtor, and Broker-Owner of Reid Real Estate Group LLC, serving the Jacksonville, Florida area and beyond. Minna's focus is foreclosure preventionshort sales, and probate sales. Since 2007, Minna has helped hundreds of home sellers and buyers move on to the next chapter of their lives and she has the expertise to get you through even your most complicated real estate transactions smoothly, from listing your property to closing the sale!

Minna is a true professional and an absolute expert in the field. The process of selling our home could not have been smoother and the end result was much better than I think it would have been with a less experienced/motivated realtor. I could not recommend Minna and her team more highly- an excellent choice.


I am so happy with Minna Reid and all the staff at Reid Real Estate Group. I had a difficult issue with having to short sell my house. I had no clue what to do or what needed to be done.
Minna took care of all that needed to be done. When she said she would take of something, it was done. Minna helped me every step of the way with patience and kindness. I recommend  Reid Real Estate Group to anyone that real estate needs.


I reached out to Minna when we were first considering a short sale. I didn’t know much about the process or how it worked so naturally I had a ton of questions. She answered all of my questions as well as explained the process in detail so I would know exactly what to expect. Several months later, we kicked off the sale. I had heard so many horror stories about what can go wrong in a short sale so I was very uneasy. With Minna’s expertise the process was so much smoother than I could have ever anticipated! It was just over three months from the time we listed to closing (which is fast for a short sale)! Minna’s responsiveness and dedication along the way was a huge asset!! It’s because of her that our family is able to put the past behind us and move on to bigger and better things! I highly recommend her!


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