Florida Short Sale FAQ

Get the short sale information you need now! See the answers to all our most frequently asked questions about Jacksonville, Florida short sales here:

realtor with short sale sign

You're just 5 steps away from selling your home and walking away! Find out how the short sale process works!

how do realtor fees get paid in a short sale

What will I pay out pocket? If there are no proceeds, how do the closing costs and Realtor fees get paid in a short sale? Find out now!

cash back on short sale

Is it possible to get cash back or a relocation incentive if I short sell my Florida home? Find out now!

how long to close short sale

Short sales are never short! Find out how long you can expect your short sale to last!

sell in preforeclosure

I want to sell but I am in foreclosure. Is it too late?

approval stamp

There are many reasons to have to sell short. Find out if your hardship  might qualify for a Jacksonville short sale.

should i pay mortgage during the short sale

Considering a short sale and wondering whether you should make the mortgage payments anymore? Find out the pros and cons!

rejected stamp

It's not too late to get back on track! Find out why your short sale got declined and what to do next to get to closing!

woman holding short sale sign

Find out all the benefits of a short sale over a foreclosure.

florida deficiency judgement

Wondering what happens if you simply walk away from your home in foreclosure? Find out what a deficiency judgement is and how to avoid one!

foreclosure sign

Facing foreclosure? It's not too late! Find out how to stop your Florida foreclosure today!

second mortgage short sale

Want to sell short but have two mortgages? It's still possible! Find out how short sales with two mortgages work!

picture of calculator and irs document

Owe federal income taxes and have a lien against your home? You can still sell, you just need to take a few extra steps.

loan modification

Fallen behind and considering your options? Find out the pros and cons of modifying your mortgage. 

hud partial claim

A loan modification or forbearance on an FHA loan may have led to a partial claim against your home. Find out how to sell anyway!

VA Compromise sale

VA loans have their own short sale process called the VA Compromise Sale. Find out how to short your VA loan!

fha short sale guide

FHA loans have their own short sale process called the FHA Pre-foreclosure sale program. Find out how to short your FHA loan!

forbearance ending options

Forbearance ending and you want to get back on track or sell? Find out your options moving forward.

graphic - man wondering of he needs a realtor for a short sale

Wondering if you have to have a real estate agent for your short sale? The answer is likely YES!

what goes in a short sale package

Short sales require lots of paperwork! Find out what you'll need for yours!

Have more Florida short sale questions? We have answers!

We've been specializing in short sales since 2008! We've helped hundreds settle their debts and move on from their over mortgaged homes, and we can help you! We'll happy to discuss your situation - free of charge!

Minna Reid was just who I needed to help me sell my home. She is highly experienced and knows exactly what must be done in order to sell a home facing foreclosure. Minna is diligent and knowledgeable when dealing with the bank which are skills that not every realtor has. My only regret is that I did not find her sooner!