Florida Short Sale Services

​We specialize in Jacksonville area short sales! If you have decided a short sale is for you, having an experienced short sale specialist is the key to get your short sale approved and to closing smoothly​.  Below is a full detail on our Florida short sale ​services:

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Short Sale ​Document Preparation

  • Assistance with lender required short sale document preparation​
  • Review​ and submittal to proper lender departments
  • Regular follow up on short sale ​process

​Valuation Management

  • Coordinate ​short selling lender's apraisal or BPO (Broker Price Opinion) ​
  • ​Lender value dispute preparation and processing, if necessary

Short Sale ​Processing

  • ​Assiatnce with negotiating favorable terms of debt settlement​
  • Obtain lien releases to clear title for sale
  • Follow up with lender loss mitigat​ion team ​through approval
  • Provide ​homeowner regular updates

Pre-close Preparation

  • Document review
  • Vendor coordination to ensure smooth transaction


  • Review closing documents
  • Resolve last minute items
  • Complete transaction

Post Closing

  • Coordinate move
  • Assist with post closing issues