October 22, 2021

Does my property need to go through probate?

Does your fl property need to go through probate

Has a death left you an unexpected property owner, and you’d like to sell? In most instances Florida probate court approval will be required, but not all!does your property have to go through florida probate court? yes If the decedent is the sole owner on title. If the decedent’s property title was held jointly as […]

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How to win a home bidding war!

how to win a bidding war

Times are tough for buyers! When faced with stiff competition for the Jacksonville home you want to buy, be ready to come in strong and beat out the other buyers!4 TIPS TO BECOMING THE WINNING BIDDER: 1 Do your research!Try to find out a little more about the seller’s situation so you can tailor your offer […]

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Record breaking demand for Jacksonville homes pushes sellers market to new heights!

Jax home sales new records

Jacksonville home sellers have enjoyed several years of endless demand and skyrocketing home sale prices, and 2021 is no exception! In the last 5 years alone, Jacksonville home sale prices YTD have jumped 30% to a current record median high of $264,000!In fact, Jacksonville, Florida sales prices have more than doubled since the real estate […]

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What will it cost to live in Coastal Jacksonville, Florida?

cost of living on The Jacksonville Beach

Thinking of living life by the seaside in Jacksonville, Florida?Considering a move to the beautiful coastline of Jacksonville, Florida? The neighborhoods closest to the shore offer a great deal of diversity and several different price points. Find out what living in coastal Jacksonville, Florida will cost you! Jacksonville beach$619,331Jax Beach is the busiest, and most […]

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2021 starts off with a bang for sellers in the Beaches! Home sale prices hit new record high!

Jacksonville Beaches Market conditions

Homeowners at The Beaches (Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach) can celebrate the ending of one year of an amazing sellers market and the beginning of another even better one in 2021!Home sale prices have nearly DOUBLED in the past decade and are currently at an average of $588,000 – a new record high!And […]

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Jacksonville Beaches home sellers see home sale prices boom in 2020!

Jacksonville Beaches Market Report

Homeowners in the Beaches (Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach and Jacksonville Beach) enjoy another year of record home price growth! Home sale prices climbed another 11% in 2020 to a new record average of $532,406! Prices have been climbing quickly in recent years, with total growth of 33% in just the past 5 years! The inventory […]

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