How much will it cost to sell my Jacksonville, Florida home?




Wondering what costs you'll face as a home seller in Northeast Florida?

You won't walk away from closing with a check for the full purchase price! Our quick guide can help you understand the costs to sell your home, and most importantly what you get to keep!

Seller's closing costs in a northeast Florida home sale:

There are several costs involved in selling your Florida home. I generally tell my sellers they can expect to pay about 7-8% of their sale price in customary closing costs.

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Real Estate Commissions: While real estate commissions are always negotiable, for these purposes I will use an example of 6% commissions. That includes compensation to the listing agent, and the listing agent generally pays a portion of this to the cooperating broker as compensation for bringing a buyer.

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Deed Stamps: These are a tax to the state on all transactions involving real property and the rate is .007% of the purchase price of the property.

Owner’s Title Insurance: Title Insurance protects the buyer from title claims. The new owners policy is paid for by the seller and the cost varies by purchase price: Prices up to $100,000: $5.75 per thousand. Purchase Prices Over $100,000: $5.00 per thousand.

Title Search: Your title agent will research all the documents in the chain of title to ensure clear title.  A title search is required in order to issue title insurance. A simple title search can cost $150.

Settlement: Your title company or closing attorney will also charge a fee to close your transaction. This is usually $250-500 or more depending on the complexity of the transaction.

Survey: Unless in possession of a current accurate survey, the seller will pay for a survey of the property. A typical survey cost would cost about $300-$400.


Seller concessions: Often, buyers will ask for sellers to pay for some of their closing costs or there will be repair credits issued. These can vary widely.

Prorations: Sellers will usually either be credited for real estate taxes paid, or debited for real estate taxes not yet paid but due at the time of closing. HOA fees, CDD fees, assessments, and prepaid expenses such as refuse disposal services may also be prorated.

Buyer’s lender required costs: Some lenders require sellers to pay for certain buyer costs, such as pest inspection costs, or tax service fee. These are specific to the buyer’s loan product.

Wire, courier: There may also some other smaller administrative fees involved which can vary slightly.

Sellers mortgage costs: If there is a mortgage on the property being sold, not only will the loan need to be paid off, but sometimes there are fees or additional interest involved.

An example:

John and Mary sell their Jacksonville Beach home for $400,000. John and Mary paid off the home years ago so there is no mortgage to pay off, and the home is not in an association and there are no additional fees. There are no seller concessions and the sale closes on Dec 31, and the years tax bill was just paid, so no real estate tax pro-rations need to be accounted for.

Purchase Price: $400,000

  • Realtor Commissions: $24,000
  • Deed Stamps: $2,800
  • Owners Title Insurance: $2,075
  • Title Search: $150
  • Settlement: $350
  • Survey: $350
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John and Mary walk away from closing with a check for $370,075.

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