Jacksonville, Florida market continues to decline

The fall of the Jacksonville, FL real estate market continues!

A year after the peak, the Jacksonville, Florida market continues to decline as sales and prices fall, while marketing time keeps creeping up!

Jacksonville prices

Prices have been rising quickly since 2018, but peaked in May 2022. 

Home sale prices through April 2023 are down 4% year over year. 

Days on market

Marketing time has more than doubled!

2021-2022 saw historically low record low marketing times. Home marketing time has tripled in 2023.

New vs sold listings

Sales and inventory are down.

Sales are down, but limited new  inventory is keeping demand going for now. 

Distressed listings are picking up.

After mostly disappearing for a few years, more short sale, pre-foreclosure and REO listings are coming to market. 

foreclosure sign
short sale and reo inventory
The market shift we've been expecting is here and picking up speed. 
Need help navigating your Jacksonville home sale in a shifting market? We can help! 

Minna has been a fantastic partner in selling our home. She was patient with us in explaining the differences between a short sale and conventional sale and helped us think through the pros and cons of each. During the process of the sale she was strategic and got us the best price for our sale. The process was painless and quick and every step of the way she managed each and every detail flawlessly.


Last Updated on May 1, 2023 by Minna Reid


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