What will it cost to live in Coastal Jacksonville, Florida?

Thinking of living life by the seaside in Jacksonville, Florida?

Considering a move to the beautiful coastline of Jacksonville, Florida? The neighborhoods closest to the shore offer a great deal of diversity and several different price points. Find out what living in coastal Jacksonville, Florida will cost you!

Jacksonville beach Home Sale prices

Jacksonville beach


Jax Beach is the busiest, and most touristy town of all the Jacksonville Beach towns. 

neptune beach home sale prices

Neptune beach


Neptune Beach is a small, residential town with upscale beachfront shopping and dining. A single family home here will cost the most of all the Beaches towns!

atlantic beach home sales

atlantic beach


Atlantic Beach is a family friendly town situated between Neptune and Mayport and is also mostly residential with some upscale entertainment.

mayport homes



Mayport has by far the cheapest housing available in the Beaches, but serves mostly to house the military at Mayport Naval Base.

ICW homes



Crossing the bridges over to the mainland along the Intracoastal Waterway offers significant savings over living on the Beaches, but still keeps you close to it all.

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