Becoming a personal representative for a deceased person can be an overwhelming and unexpected experience. The probate process can be complicated, and getting the home sold quickly and smoothly is always the goal. Just follow these 5 steps and you’re golden!

How to sell your Jacksonville probate home in 5 easy steps!

step 1

Assume control of the property

As the personal representative, you will be responsible for maintaining the home. You will want to make sure the property is secured, a key is available for your agent, and that the utilities are on.

step 2

get the property market ready

Empty the property of personal belongings and clean! Disposing of a home full of personal property can be quite challenging. Your Probate Realtor will be able to provide referrals to local vendors or may even offer the option to purchase the entire estate as-is including all its contents.

step 3

get the home listed

Once secure, empty and clean, its time to get listed on market! I generally advise against making any expensive or time-consuming improvements to probate homes. It will be easier to simply price properly to reflect any needed updates, repairs or maintenance issues. 

step 4


A home priced properly for its condition and marketed well will attract plenty of buyer interest and go under contract quickly. Keep in mind selling probate property may require additional actions to be taken promptly to make sure that the title being passed to the buyer is clear.

step 5


You can usually close within 30-45 days of finding a buyer, unless there are unexpected delays. The probate process may still be ongoing, in which case your sale will be subject to probate approval. Your realtor will coordinate with your probate attorney as well as the title company to guide the transaction to closing smoothly.

Speed is key in probate sales!

Probate homes are usually vacant, making them a magnet for damage from natural disaster, mechanical failure, and local vandals. There are also costs incurred by maintaining a vacant property, which may be a financial drain to the estate. The easiest way for you to have a quick and smooth probate sale experience is to leave the details in the hands of an experienced probate sale professional!

5 steps to probate

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