As Jacksonville home sale prices reach decade high, short sales continue to fall!




It's all good news for Jacksonville, Florida home owners as they continue to watch their home values skyrocket!

Jacksonville, Florida Market Update:

After home sale prices bottomed out in January of 2012 at an average of $149,794, sales prices have been headed up, almost doubling over the next 7 years. June 2019 saw average sales prices hit a record high of $296, 751:

graph of Jacksonville Average sales prices

The good news continues for those who were affected by the last real estate crash and saw their equity disappear. With values continuing to rise, most have seen their equity return and then some! Short sales have fallen significantly as few are left in a negative equity situation:

graph of Jacksonville FL Short sales

If you've been thinking of selling - this would certainly be the time! There's no way to tell what will happen tomorrow, but one thing is for sure - this rate of growth is unsustainable!

Last Updated on September 18, 2019 by Minna Reid


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