Atlantic Beach, Florida real estate market softens in 2019!




After several years of ever increasing demand and sharply rising home sale prices in Atlantic Beach, Florida, 2019 is starting off on a softer note!

While sales are still strong and May was a fantastic month for Atlantic Beach sellers, sales are down 8% over the same period of 2018:

atlantic beach home sales

Home sale prices are also down – almost 10% below that average sales prices of 2018, and 16% below the average sales prices of the same period in 2017:

atlantic beach home sale prices graph

What does all this mean for Atlantic Beach home buyers and sellers?

Well, it is simply too early to tell whether this is just a slower start to the new year, or a sign of a market shift to the buyer’s favor. With mortgage rates slashed again, buyers may certainly pick up speed to lock in today’s new lower rates, and activity (and prices) could trend upwards again. If that doesn’t happen, it’s time for sellers to start talking to their real estate agent about how to prepare for a home sale in a more competitive market!

Last Updated on January 18, 2023 by Minna Reid


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