Jacksonville, Florida Real Estate Review 2019: Housing market continues to boom!




Jacksonville, Florida real estate continues to boom on! 2019 closed with sellers enjoying quick marketing times and ever rising prices, with no end in sight!

Jacksonville, Florida Real Estate Market Report

The rate of home sales has continued to rise consistently year after year, with and average of 1,350 home sales per month, a 15% increase over the last 5 years:

graph of jacksonville homes sales over 5 years

As buyer demand continues to head  up, prices have also risen significantly - over 25% over the same period, to a 2019 average of $221,363:

graph of jacksonville home sale price over 5 years

With sellers enjoying huge equity gains, most are able to sell for a profit, and the rate of short sales and sales of foreclosures continues to drop. The rate of these distressed sales in Jacksonville is less than 5% of all sales in 2019:

graph of Jacksonville distress sales over 5 years

How long can sellers continue to enjoy these very seller friendly housing conditions? It's impossible to say for sure, but if you're waiting for the right time to sell your Jacksonville home, this would certainly be it!

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